Without an urge or craving, there is no habit!!

When the urges end, so does the habit!!

How many of you remember the story of The Wizard of Oz?


Dorothy and her friends are so frightened and absolutely terrified of the perceived power of the Wizard. The way they saw the Wizard, the way they experienced the Wizard, determined much of the power that the Wizard exerted in their lives.

The Dog Toto pulls back the curtain revealing the truth



Then, Dorothy’s dog Toto pulls aside a curtain in the corner of the audience chamber to reveal the truth of the Wizard: an old man who resembles an absent-minded Professor pulling levers and speaking into a microphone -- the so-called Wizard, as the Scarecrow says, is a humbug. 

The Truth will set you free


  The morale: the "Wizard’s power" was an illusion. It is the same regarding the "power of the urges" driving our unwanted habits. The more we understand the truth of how our brain creates an unhealthy urge, the less we act on the urge and the weaker it becomes. Without the urge, the habit will end! Without an urge driving unwanted habits or addictions, there is no habit! 

We cannot make the urge go away but we can see and experience the urge in a way which makes them powerless, meaningless and harmless. As you experience them in this way, the urges diminish in intensity and re-wiring of brain circuits occurs leading to the end of the habit.

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